woman with back pain sitting on bed

How to Fix Back Pain While You Sleep

A lot of us spend a good portion of our day sitting down. Between driving, working at a desk, and even binge-watching our favorite shows at the end of the day, we are sitting a lot more than our bodies are designed for.

At the end of the day, this leaves your spine all kinds of compressed.

Sitting for hours every day over an extended period of time, like for weeks, months, or years, is no good for your spine. As time goes on, the muscles around the spine will become weak and dysfunctional. This, unsurprisingly, compromises the support and stability of your back, leading to poor posture and back pain.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the way you sleep, and use that time to help decompress your spine.

Choosing the Right Mattress

First and foremost, your mattress makes all the difference. Every body is different, but generally speaking, a firmer mattress will be better for your back. Softer mattresses tend to let the spine curve and twist, creating imbalances and discomfort. A firm mattress will support your body and help you maintain a straighter spine.

A firm, supportive mattress won’t do much good if you don’t pay attention to the way that you’re sleeping, though.

Sleep Positions to Decompress Your Spine

Back sleeping is at the top of the list. It’s the best way to sleep to help your back decompress. Lying face up, put a small pillow underneath your knees to keep them slightly bent.

If you prefer side sleeping, keep your knees slightly bent, and put a pillow between them to help keep your legs and hips spaced evenly. Also make sure that you’ve got a good pillow under your head to prevent tension in your neck and shoulders.

I have bad news if you’re a stomach sleeper, though. This position is the worst way to sleep if you’re trying to fix back pain and let your spine decompress. It can actually compress the back more.

That’s really it! Seems simple enough, right? Sleep is one of the most important components for recovery, and finding the best sleep position is one of the best ways to help back pain. If you sleep better, you’ll be waking up ready to tackle the day with a happy spine.

Kate Singer