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Transform Your Bedroom Into the Perfect Minimalist Sleep Space

There is nothing more important to our well-being than a good night’s rest. So, why not transform your bedroom into a peaceful, relaxing space where you can unwind?

If you’re hoping for a sleep-inducing bedroom that will help melt the stress away, a minimalist bedroom that is free of clutter will be the comfortable, soothing oasis you crave.

Here are some ways to get started on turning your bedroom into a minimalist sleep space.

Sleek, Streamlined Bedframe

platform bed in a minimalist room

The bed is usually the focal point in a bedroom, since it’s the largest piece of furniture. Avoid elaborate four-poster beds, decorative canopies, or large, carved sleigh frames, as these styles are the opposite of minimalistic.

Instead, opt for something simple and sleek, like a modern platform bed. Frames like this will also eliminate the need for a bulky box spring, and often have simple integrated headboards or no headboards at all.

Indulge in Super Soft Bedding

You want your bedroom to be comfortable and relaxing, so cozy bedding is a must. Wrap yourself in high-quality bamboo sheets, which are pretty much the softest sheets you can find. On top of that, they’re also exceptionally eco-friendly.

Of course, different sleepers prefer different kinds of sheets. So if bamboo isn’t your style, jersey, silk, flannel, and high-quality linen sheets are all excellent options to choose from.

Contain the Clutter

woven basket made of natural materials

Quit letting the dirty laundry pile up on a chair. A large woven basket will compliment your subdued color palette and add warmth, while also keeping piles of laundry out of sight.

A chic basket is also a great storage option to collect blankets or other bed linens, to prevent them from piling up elsewhere.

Keep Walls Bare

Unlike most other decorating styles, a minimalist room won’t have much on the walls. Unadorned, bare walls keep the room simple, clean, and streamlined. You don’t have to have completely bare walls all the way around, but keep the photos, artwork, and other items to a minimum.

No Screens

woman looking at a tablet in bed at night

You heard me! You shouldn’t have a TV in your room, and you shouldn’t bring your laptop (aka email and work) or tablet into your bed, either. And while we’re at it, stop going to bed with your cell phone, too.

These electronic devices emit artificial blue light that activates arousing neurons within your brain. What does that mean? They prevent us from feeling sleepy, and they disrupt the body’s production of melatonin, effectively making it harder for us to fall asleep and get enough rest.

Kate Singer

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